WP 2.* questions

Looks somewhere along the line, WordPress has added a tags function and I can convert my categories into tags if I so choose.  Here are some questions for your WP experts and my readers in general:

1. If I convert my categories to tags, will my categories be deleted?  I’ve looked for the answer to this question on forums, but, quite frankly, forums are possibly the most annoying place to locate any sort of helpful information.

2. Are tags better or preferrable to categories?  I guess categories are somewhat rigid, whereas tags are more flexible (and come with not-so-hip-anymore “tag clouds”.)  The difference between the two is subtle, I think, and I’m not sure I even know the difference.  Since I can assign a post to multiple categories, the difference may even be negligible.

This post I put in the “Life Online” category.  But if I assign tags, they would include “WP”, “WordPress”, “Blogging”, “tags”, “categories”.  Another post dealing with blogging downtime would go into the big “Life Online” category, but it’s tags would be, for example, “admin” and “blogging”, which would give both overlap with this post’s tags, but also give some level of independence to each.

What do you think?

If converting my categories to tags leaves the categories intact, I may just use both for a while.

5 thoughts on “WP 2.* questions

  1. graham

    Hi Marc,

    No, your categories shouldn’t be deleted. I suspect that depends on which version of wordpress you’re using, however, so don’t sue me if it goes wrong.

    Either way, you should be able to convert your tags back into categories, so there’s no real risk.

    I wouldn’t say that tags are preferrable to categories. I think they are both used in different ways, which is why some sites have both.

    A helpful way to think of it is that categories organize hierarchically, whilst tags cross-connect. Maybe a helpful analogy is comparing chapters in a book with the index page. If every chapter, or every page, listed the index page results that it generated then you’d see the two types of classification.

    You might find this post, from another WP user, helpful.

  2. Marc Vandersluys

    Nope. It’s either one or the other. Not sure what to do about that. I’ve converted them back to categories, because I’m not ready to commit fully to tags.

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