10 thoughts on “The horror! The horror

  1. Dean

    Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got a good supply of spam, and I will certainly be checking MSN.com for updates HOURLY when it does happen…

    Oh, I should grab some batteries and some bottled water..first thing tomorrow.

  2. Marc

    Wow. I hadn’t watched this with sound. How melodramatic Pink Floyd makes it.

    I might be a bad scaler, but upon impact doesn’t that asteroid look much larger than 500km wide?

  3. Marc

    In fact, it’s much more terrifying without the soundtrack, which I find rather intrusive. Without the soundtrack, you imagine what it sounds like. Truly terrifying.

  4. Scott

    Echoing some of the comments on the original page… There is nothing left in the inner solar system that big that astronomers do not already know about. A rogue could be sent inwards from the Kuiper belt or Oort cloud…

    Some scientists also believe that the Permian (I think… the one 245 million years ago) might have been caused by bacteria in the ocean “belching” hydrogen sulfide gas. This was caused by a lack of oxygen in the water caused by climate change…. I would be far more worried about what we are and can do to the planet than a 10 km chunk of space debris…
    my $0.02

  5. Scott

    Dean… Spam is mighty powerful stuff, but all the spam and batteries in the world will not save yours, or anyone else’s, a$$ if something that big hit us…

  6. Dean

    Well, I just wanted to be prepared. Would one of those silver emergency thermal blankets help?

    Oh SNAP! I bought C batteries instead of D.

  7. Collette

    fascinating! and funny thing – the conference I attended in Chicago in June featured Darren Barefoot! I have a pdf copy of his book. his presentation was pretty good. quite entertaining too.

  8. Dean

    Have you tried rolling some unused, but opened-package and now useless heavy C batteries on your sleeve Randall? Apparently, if one were to hold an insulated wire attached to either end of said batteries for a minute or two, you would even get them prewarmed for ironing. It’s worth a shot…

    Oh yeah, scary video too Marc. Good thing I have a bunch of spam.

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