An election must be nigh, take 2 (a.k.a. John Stackhouse says it better)

John Stackhouse says it better than I did:

Mr. Duceppe seems to be unhappy about people running for office who “share an ideology, a narrow ideology.” But surely most people who enter politics do have one or another ideology, and of a quite particular sort, that motivates them so strongly that they undergo the rigors of political life.

Furthermore, one might think that someone who spends most of his political life trying to achieve a single goal–removal of Quebec from the Canadian confederation–could be characterized as having “a narrow ideology.”

. . . but it is apparently the correct narrow ideology, one that corresponds with modern times in Quebec–during which, if Mr. Duceppe had his way, only his narrow ideology would count, and anyone else’s would be properly set aside. (Link)


2 thoughts on “An election must be nigh, take 2 (a.k.a. John Stackhouse says it better)

  1. Scott

    I agree with this guy. it has always annoyed me that a national political party had the destruction of our country at its roots. Quebec should stop being so nationalistic and help the country focus on issues such as poverty and homelessness…

    I wish I writed better like that there guy

  2. Marc

    His point stands in a general way, too, outside of Quebec nationalism.

    The issue here is not whether “narrow ideologies” are inappropriate in politics but that narrow ideologies other than our own are inappropriate.

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