Season of Change

(Terrible cliché, I know)

What strange days these are.

This strangeness is punctuated by Randall’s resignation as pastor of our church.  I was aware that this was likely about to happen, but it didn’t really hit me on an emotional level until Randall spoke the words, “I handed in my letter of resignation this morning.”  I was probably in some sort of state of denial until that point—knowing it was inevitable at this stage, but maybe hoping that it wasn’t.  Who knows.

It will be hard to see them go—both as a good pastor and as good friends.  Not that the friendship will end at their leaving, but . . . well, you know what I mean.  It’s been a sad couple of days and much more grieving will follow.

But the change isn’t limited to Randall and Lauralea.  People in our church are moving and changing.  Kids are leaving town and heading off to school.  Dixie and I seem to be in a period of transition, and— outside our church—Toni and Chris and my brother-in-law are as well.  And there are others of you transitioning, too.

The time is ripe and the time is right.   I don’t sense doom or gloom (should I?)—these changes all seem right and natural and, if you will, guided.

What does all this mean?  What kind of cosmic weirdness is driving all of this change?

We shall see.

6 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. Simon

    Could be another cosmic sign that you need to investigate further the sense of calling you’ve mentioned before. Or something. You know?

  2. Scott

    I always see September as my true “new year” always being in school in some manner or another. It is a better time, IMHO, to transition and change. The sun still shines, the air is warm, and a September afternoon breeze is always heartening… Go with it and enjoy the flux

  3. Collette

    yep, weird. go check out my newest journal (click the link on my name!). the last paragraph talks about new beginnings/seasons, and I wrote that a week ago! (the invite kindly goes to anyone who reads Marc’s blog. all are welcome.)

    Scott…I finished school 8 years ago and I still think in terms of semesters, ha.

  4. Marc

    Scott & Collette: I still think in terms of semesters, too. I guess it isn’t limited to schools. For churches, summer tends to be a down time and September-June as the “active year”.

    But it’s more than that. Some of these changes have been happening for a while for many people. It’s not just the season in the literal sense of the term.

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