Man of the Cloth, part 3: Getting my feet wet.

I’ve been holding off posting about this, but Phil W. kind of outed me in his comment on my previous post, which is perfectly fine, since I had no good reason not to post about it.  I’ve simply been holding my cards close to my chest again.

So…I’ve been hired by our church to work there on a temporary, part-time basis.  I haven’t signed anything and we haven’t worked out the details (but presumably I’m still hired, even after yesterday’s sermon).  The short answer, since I don’t know all the specifics yet, is that I’ll be doing a combination of administrative things (from answering the phone to organizing the worship schedule) as well as speaking somewhat regularly. The position doesn’t have a title—the word “pastor” will not apply, at any rate—I will simply be the administrative, pulpit-supply guy.  I figure I’ll be kind of like a seat-filler, except I’ll have significantly more responsibility (rather than just sitting in a chair).

The idea, as I understand it, is two-fold: first, to have some continuity in terms of the going’s on at the church, between Randall and Lauralea’s departure and the arrival of the new pastor; second, to give me an opportunity to try things out a bit in a church setting—an opportunity for some further discernment about our future.  It’s quite cool.  (When they asked me, I said, “This is crazy.  Do people do this?”)  I’m excited and I hope it goes well.  I presume that I’ll be starting late October or early November, but as I say, we haven’t worked out the details.  It’s open ended and could last anywhere from 1 month (or less even?) to several months.

What an interesting, bizarre, unexpected year it has been. I’ve written before about going to seminary and moving in the direction of “formal ministry” (I’m not sure what else to call it), in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Man of the Cloth posts.

I’m on the brink of enrolling in a seminary class.  I’m not sure what’s stopping me anymore.  I was holding off until I got a sense of how things would go at the church, but I think I’ll start with a distance learning course, which I can finish in up to 8 months.  My plan right now is to take a class on the Patristic Fathers.  Linea is taking a Greek class, her thinking being that she may as well start with a doozy of a class to give her some clarity on whether or not to walk this road.  This makes sense, and she had me wondering if I should do the same thing, but Patristic Fathers sounds interesting and I can take 2 classes without enrolling in a specific program, so I’ll save Greek and Hebrew for when I fully commit to seminary.

So…life is in transition, along with everyone else.

9 thoughts on “Man of the Cloth, part 3: Getting my feet wet.

  1. Simon

    Marc, I’m really looking forward to finding out where this little adventure takes you. Is it OK if I say that I’m excited on your behalf?

  2. Andre

    Very good, Marc. Funny how we never know what opportunities lie in wait. I think the Patristic Fathers is the best place to start.

  3. Marc

    Sure Linea. I tend to be quite protective of my text books (I still many of mine from university and Bible college…and SIAST), but money saved will probably have to trump book hoarding!

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