Patristic Fathers

Well, folks, I’ve just registered for a seminary distance learning course.  It’s “The Patristic Fathers” (see here about those ol’ boys).  This means that 6 weeks from registration (tomorrow, I suppose), my first assignment will be due.  Yikes.

The reading and subject matter should be very interesting.  I’m looking forward to it.

At Linea’s suggestion, I ticked the box that includes the course texts with the course materials, which is handy, even though I could probably get them cheaper online at or  But then I’d have to wait, etc.

Oddly enough, I gave them my credit card information on the registration form, but they did not indicate how much I would be charged before the application was submitted.  I have an approximate idea of what the fee for the course will be, but textbooks?  No idea.

The seminary, by the way, is Briercrest.  At least, that’s where I’ll start, though at this point I can see myself completing the course there as well.  Why Briercrest?  Several reasons: it’s a good school; it’s familiar (I went to high school and 2 years of Bible college there); it’s nearby; it’s cheaper than other seminaries; the program looks interesting.  And so on.  Factor in traveling alone and it’s a much more economical choice.  Too bad my parents don’t live there any more.

Is Briercrest too convervative for you?  (Or maybe too liberal?)  Show me a school that strikes a perfect balance—I implore you!  It’s the tools learned in school that are of particular importance to me—not a particular theological angle.  But maybe the two are intertwined?  Who knows.

Anyway…there were are.  The adventure begins.

4 thoughts on “Patristic Fathers

  1. Randall

    Woo Hoo, I am excited for you.
    Good job on taking the next step. Somewhere in that mix is faithfulness and a measure of obedience. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Gavin

    Kudos. Enjoy it.

    And a shameless promo: Providence offers some fantastic courses in Biblical Studies and Theology at the seminary level, though their distance learning system is still less than perfect. If you ever have a week free to take a modular course with Dr. Ed Neufeld, do whatever you have to to make it happen. Sell a kidney, if that’s what it takes…. Outstanding.

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