I just bought a box of 216 No Name tea bags

Will I regret my decision?  The last time I bought No Name tea was in university a decade ago.  But I’m venturing down that road again to see if tea is one of those products for which brand-name makes a qualitative difference.

To my recollection, my mom would purchase No Name products on a regular basis (I didn’t have a “real” Pop Tart until after I was married*) in order to save money, but she always bought Red Rose tea.  Always.

Tea is a big deal for me, folks, so I could regret this decision for months to come.

This won’t make it better if the tea sucks, but both the No Name tea and the President’s Choice (pseudo-brand-name) new “premium” teas are prepared and packaged by Loblaws.  In fact, the graphic explaining how to make a pot or cup of tea is more or less the same on both packages.  I’m guessing that the PC “premium” tea is a rebranding of the No Name** product (I once heard/read somewhere that PC film is made by Fuji).  Not that that means anything.

And what is “premium” tea anyway, when all tea comes from the same plant?  It’s the blend, I think, which makes the difference.

I’ve removed the bags from the packaging and put them in the unmarked glass containers which previously housed Red Rose tea bags.  Maybe without the visual reminder my brain won’t notice the difference (if indeed there is any).

We shall see.***

*Pilcrow to the first person to tell me what I was thinking after I wrote that sentence.

**It’s obvious, but anyone else enjoy the irony in naming a product “No Name”?

***My apologies, dear friends. I don’t have the time or willpower to write anything of substance these days.

9 thoughts on “I just bought a box of 216 No Name tea bags

  1. Simon

    * – Marc, I wouldn’t go so far as to call Dixie a Tart, (nor a Pop Tart), but I can guess what it is you were thinking you never had until after marriage. And I’m not going to spell in out here. If sly implications are enough to earn me a Pilcrow, (assuming I’m right – nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say-no-more), then lay that bad boy on me.

  2. Jobina

    Why would there be 216 tea bags? Who comes up with these numbers? Why not 250? Although, I did figure out that if you had 1 cup of tea each hour for 12 hours each day, not only would you not be able to sleep from all the caffine, but your box of 216 tea bags would last you exactly 18 days.

  3. rilla

    I swear by no-name tea. Tea is a big deal for me as well (although maybe not so much as you), and I remember the first time I had a cup of no-name tea: I was 14 and staying with my best friend and her family for two weeks and they had brewed a pot of tea on one of my first days there. I took a sip and immediately asked, “Is this Red Rose?” because that’s what we had at home, and what I was drinking tasted a lot better.

    They laughed at me because it was no-name and it was amusing that I thought the cheap stuff was “equal” to the expensive stuff, but ever since then I’ve always preferred the taste of no-name brand tea.

    And now you know. The rest of the story.

  4. Jay

    After your last post regarding tea I decided to try Twinning’s next time I need tea. It may be a year even though I have begun drinking a hundred times more tea that I ever used to. Now that you’ve purchased no-name brand I will wait for your verdict to decide if I should shell out more than twice the cost for the brand name. Of course, when you go through one box of tea a year shelling out twice the cost might be too strong of a phrase.

    Please keep us updated and good luck with your generic tea.

  5. Marc

    Rilla: it’s funny should tell that story, because a similar thing happened to me. In fact, I was thinking about that when I bought the tea.

    I, too, was at someone else’s house and noted how delicious their tea was. I couldn’t believe it was No Name. But I’ve only bought it the one time.

    Jay: Brand name does make a difference with Earl Grey tea. Twinnings is one of a kind.

  6. JT

    I’ve become addicted to a brand I bought in a British shop called Ty-Phoo or something like that. I am enjoying it even more than Twinings Darjeeling, which was my usual tea of choice.
    I agree about the Twinings Earl Grey, although I also love the Bigelow EG as well.
    I am also a sucker for Bigelow’s Constant Comment with lots of sugar.
    Good luck with the No-Name. I am still mad that they stopped selling Red Rose with the gauze bags.

  7. Scott

    Tea preference is a very personal thing. I think less important than brand is taste. I for example love Tetley’s for Orange Pekoe, adore Twinning’s Earl Grey (and many of their others). I have tried Bigelow and find it foul, as with lipton. If No Name works for you, embrace it like no tea has been embraced before. Incidently fine tea is by far the least expensive beverage, as compared by volume to drinks such as coffee and wine.
    If you are ever near a tea shop that imports single estate teas, you should give those a try. All the tea comes from one tea estate… very nice.

    Finally, tea is never insubstantial…

  8. Gavin

    I’ve fallen in love with the (high-end and pricey) Mighty Leaf tea…. You HAVE to try it if you haven’t yet. It’ll knock your socks off.

    If you do herbal teas, there “African Nector” is unreal….

    AND it’s a Canadian company.

    Check out there website:

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