Tea fail

Well, the No Name tea won’t do.  It’s not that it’s a terrible tea, but there’s something in the blend that stands out too much, leaves an aftertaste (Assam leaves, perhaps?) which I don’t like.  Maybe it’s a bad batch, because I distinctly remember liking the No Name tea I had 10 years ago.  Whatever the case may be, I’ve been drinking less tea lately.

I can tell if a cup of tea will be good even before I taste it by its colour with milk added.  With milk it should have a warm,  golden-brown colour (at least, it does with both Red Rose and Yorkshire tea).  The No Name tea with milk just looks sickly grey.

What am I to do with the 200 or so tea bags remaining?  I’ve started using two bags per cup in an attempt to get some depth of flavour, so that’ll use the tea up faster.  But still…that’s a long time of sub-par tea.  Perhaps a donation is in order—to someone who likes the No Name tea or to a group or individual who won’t care.  Maybe to the church.  Lauralea won’t be around: is there anyone else there with a discerning tea pallette?

7 thoughts on “Tea fail

  1. Marc

    Not a bad idea, Toni.

    At first I thought that would be a waste, but then I remembered that I’ve spent more money on compost accelerator products.

  2. beck

    True tea story: I have some missionary friends who were once sent USED tea bags. They still have some tea in them right? Why throw them out when you can send them to the missionaries?

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