The paper.

Hey Mom, I find it interesting that you refer to the Weekly World News as, “The paper.” The paper contains facts.

This paper contains facts. And this paper has the eighth highest circulation in the whole wide world. Right? Plenty of facts. “Pregnant man gives birth.” That’s a fact.

Name that movie.

* * *

Well that was more painful than it needed to be.  I’ve written longer blog posts in less than an hour.  But the paper is done and submitted.

Am I happy with the paper?  Not entirely (not sure I’ve ever been completely happy with a paper).  But that’s mostly because it’s the first paper at the seminary and I have no idea what their expectations will be.  After a while as student gets to know where the rules can be bent and where professors are flexible, so the requirements of assignments become less of a concern.  But for the first paper there are so many unknowns that it’s nearly impossible not to feel uneasy about the outcome.  I think I felt this way about many of my university assignments, but I did quite well in the end anyway.

I’m beginning to think, too, that if I’m serious about a seminary education, full time study might be on the horizon.  We’ll see how the next couple of months go, but if they’re anything like the last month has been…well, the idea of being in such a state constantly for, say, the next 9 years (the time limit to complete an MDiv at Briercrest) of distance learning doesn’t really appeal to me.

And 9 years is a long time.  Dixie and I went out for supper tonight and in the moments between yawning and resting our heads on the table and seat backs, I said to her: “I’m almost 31.  I’ll be ordained by the time I’m 40.”  So we’ll see what happens in the next little while.

At this point, I need to sit down and really plan out the next 7 months of schoolwork.  I have no deadlines from now until June, when all the course requirements need to be completed.  I need to get in touch with the library at Briercrest and request some books just to learn how the system works and to see how fast that process of shipping books is.

Tonight was the first night in a long time that I wasn’t stressing about assignments or reading.  Dixie and I watched the first episode of Lonesome Dove, nothing else.  I need to reply to some emails and post some posts and, more than anything, get some rest.

7 thoughts on “The paper.

  1. Toni

    Marc – may I gently remind you that seminaries cannot make pastors. And IF you feel called to it more urgently than ‘sometime after I’m 40’ then you think around the outside of that a little.


  2. Marc

    Toni: My going to seminary isn’t about becoming a pastor so much as furthering my theological studies. Seminary does *benefit* the pastor, even if it doesn’t *make* the pastor.

    I’m not in a hurry. But 9 years seems a long time.

    (And in our denom seminary is also required for ordination)

  3. Anonymous

    Here’s an interesting quote from Stanley Hauerwas. He has a point about the importance of seminary (which can also be made about law school…)

    “In our time it is not unusual for students in divinity school to say something like: “I’m not into Christology this year. I really am into relating.” In response they are told: “Well, then, you ought to take some more courses in Clinical Pastoral Education. After all, that is what the ministry is really about today [i.e., relating]. So take some courses that will teach you better how to relate.”
    It is interesting to contrast that kind of response to someone who might enter medical school thinking, “I’m not really into anatomy this year. I’m into relating. I’d like to take some more courses in psychology.” The response in medical schools is radically different from that in divinity schools. Such a student is usually told: “We’re not really interested in what you’re interested in. You either take anatomy or you can simply ship out!”

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