Name that Movie ’08 Super Fantastic Triple-Header

It has been a while since I’ve done a Name that Movie.  More than a year, in fact.  To make up for that, I’m announcing a Name that Movie Super Fantastic Triple-Header!

At 10:30pm Central Standard Time (just over 3 hours from now) I will post three movie quotes.  One Pilcrow will be awarded for each movie correctly guessed (to the first guesser).  In addition, if the first guesser correctly identifies all 3 movies, they will receive a bonus Pilcrow (for a total of 4)!

As always, I expect you to not cheat–no imdb-ing, no Googling, no nothing.  Straight off the top of your head guesses only.

Stay tuned.   10:30pm.  Here.

THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED. I know many of you, numbering in the thousands, I imagine, have been sitting at your computers for a half hour hitting refresh every thirty seconds. This is very important to you, I know. I apologize for my delay. Many of you will miss out because you are now in bed–but no time is good for everyone. Anyway, my Mom called about the time I was meant to post. What’s a guy supposed to do?

Anyway, here we go. No cheating.

Loyal readers and newcomers, name these movies (and be the first):

1. “I was lucky in the order, but I’ve always been lucky when it comes to killin’ folks. “

2. Mom: “Did you win at hockey yesterday?”

Son: “Hockey’s been over for two weeks.”

3. “What business is it of yours, friendo?”


21 thoughts on “Name that Movie ’08 Super Fantastic Triple-Header

  1. Simon

    If Andrew’s right, I’m sad to that the lines are unfamiliar. But it’s been a LONG time since I saw Unforgiven just the once, and never did see No Country.

    I can’t even throw a guess out for the second one. Dangit!

  2. Toni

    We are getting a bit desperate for traffic, aren’t we?

    I cannot contribute: I’ve not seen either of the films Andrew mentioned, and none of those lines are familiar in any way. Guess this is all too left-field for me.

  3. Marc Post author

    Andrew: You are correct on both counts, sir!

    Here are your two Pilcrows:

    ¶ ¶


    Toni: Desperate for traffic? No. Not at all. Simply wanted to post something.

    Although it was fun thinking of this as a “marketing gimmick”.

    No guesses on #2? Here are some hints:

    • It’s a 1989 film
    • The star of the film died prematurely

  4. Collette

    1. totally sounded familiar, and I had Clint Eastwood in my head too. but, I am bad at this game.

    2. oooh, sounds so familiar! I know I’ve seen it. ugh. trying. not. to. Google. not that I’d cheat, but I plan to Google it after I decide I’ve given up. I haven’t given up yet. okay, I haven’t Googled I promise. I also don’t think I’m right. but, I’ll guess: Benny and Joon?

    3. seen the movie. liked it a lot. would have never gotten this. BUT, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the answer.

  5. Andrew

    You cannot change the rules 1/2 way through the game! A Pilcrow is due to the Anonymous videophile. Justice demands it.

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