Quick update.

And just like that a week passed.  It seems like just yesterday that I posted my last post.  A quick update for those of you who thirst for more The Eagle & Child.

1.  Trip to Chicago was good (I’ve been home for a week now).  I’ve posted some of the photographs from that trip here.  I’ve included some commentary on some of the pictures, rather than posting the commentary here.  Hopefully more reminiscences will follow.

2.  Things at the church are going well, I think.  I like what I do and it seems to fit.  Trying to figure out what’s next.  Likely seminary, but not quite sure where.

3.  Things are very busy.  Or at least they seem busy.  I had a crisis day on Wednesday last week, feeling quite panicked about everything that needs to be done to complete my seminary course.  That day I received a friendly reminder from the seminary that am at the halfway point to completion and that they trust that I have been working dilligently. Well.  December was a write-off and January disppeared.  February is almost over already and it just began.  Bleh.  I shall overcome.

4.  Because of #3 I need to streamline.  I’d like to blog more, but I can’t justify or afford the time.  That’s why it has been so quiet around here and will likely continue to be.  When I do have time, I usually end up watching TV or reading (non-seminary material).

5.  There are a lot of things beginning to converge now and into the next couple of months with reach peak convergence: course-work, church-work, work-work, family, house, applications, decisions.  Prayer would be much appreciated (and much needed).

6.  Keep your eyes peeled for further details about the house concert we will be having in March.  The award-winning singer-songwriter Dale Nikkel will be rolling into town and into our living room.  Some of you who we think will probably be interested will get an email.  Those of you who read this space who might be interested can contact Dixie or I.  We will need to know approximately how many people are coming, because we have limited space.  In fact, mark March 15 on your calendar and don’t plan anything for that day.  Sit tight.

That is all.

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