12 thoughts on “Portraits: Boo

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  2. joanne

    I couldn’t help but think how much the bottom picture looks like Dixie. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!

  3. Marc

    Thanks, Toni.

    Perhaps the photograph is too small for that, but I wondered if you noticed that in the second picture Olivia’s right eye (on your left) is slightly out of focus. Had the aperture set too wide for the portrait (probably 2.2 or less). Didn’t notice until I uploaded the pick. Frustrating, but still a nice shot.

  4. Toni

    Marc – I hadn’t noticed, but then I don’t consciously critique others images except when they’re presented that way. The sharpness of the pattern in the hat and the teeth and lips draw the eye anyway, so it’s less of an issue than it might be.

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