Funny ’cause it’s true

The Twouble with Twitter (via):

Lately I’ve been thinking more about all the social networking apps available out there. I’ve resisted getting into many of them. Twitter and Facebook alone occupy enough time. I’ve considered taking a break or quitting both apps completely. I like some of the connections (re)made through Facebook, but I don’t use it for much other than playing Scrabble. And yet I feel compelled to return again and again to see what’s new on Facebook or who Twittered. It’s becoming a habit. A bad one. Some nights if no one tweets for a couple of hours it’s like there is nothing going on in the whole world, which is, of course, absolutely false.

Sometimes it feels like it’s rotting my brain. At other times it’s really quite fun.

But, yeah, Twitter feels, for the most part, like a waste. I try to use it mostly for thoughts and clever things which come to mind with are not lengthy enough to blog. But more often than not I end up posting what I’m doing, which is perhaps interesting for travel, but otherwise? I don’t know.

And the constant checking…

And yet I carry on.

7 thoughts on “Funny ’cause it’s true

  1. Jyl

    And I swear that I hadn’t looked at your Twitter when I commented about people who post about their stomach troubles.

    Can we still be friends?

  2. Jay

    I haven’t taken to Twitter… I think I’ll stay away. I already know the feeling if there is nothing new on my RSS feed it feels lonely! Ridiculous, no?

    Perhaps if there were more than three regular MSN contacts online (one being my wife 17 feet away) I might actually converse to the point of useful relationship building.

    “Likes” on Facebook don’t say that much and comments are often shallow for fear of who else might read them… It’s an interesting – dare I say – fad.

  3. Jean

    Mark, I didn’t know one could be more Biblical than the Bible. Enlighten me. Ian H.,Regarding the alchol subject, I do not want to step on anyones’s toes here, however, Some people try to support their drinking habits by saying, “look in the Bible.” The word “wine’ simply refers to the juice of the the juice of the grape. I could say a lot more, but, not here on this blog. Ian, I don’t have your email address, so, sorry I can’t elaborate.

  4. Marc

    Jyl: Yes, we can still be friends. I actually hate myself for posting those kinds of Tweets anyway. I need to censor myself a bit more than I do.

    Jean: I’m not sure why you left this comment on this post and not the other, as this post has nothing to do with it.

    It’s not possible to be more Biblical than the Bible. That’s Scot McKnight’s (the guy I quoted) point.

    The argument that the wine referred to in the Bible is nothing more than ordinary grape juice (i.e. not fermented) doesn’t have any basis in fact, as far as I know. It’s problematic for a number of reasons, but that’s been discussed on this blog previously.

  5. Jean

    Mark; I apologizefornot posting onthe right place. However, regarding the alcohol issue, well, you are not going to change my thinking, nor am I going to change yours. Try reading Jesus and Wine on http://www.learn the ctrine_jesus_and_wine.htm. Okay? The world is changing more and more with the younger generation. I wish you well. lol

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