Live in an elevator

One of the reasons I love The Arcade Fire.  “Neon Bible”, live in an elevator, with some improvised instruments:

Another reason I love them:

Joyful noise is what that is.

One more:

I think they’d be incredible to see in concert.

5 thoughts on “Live in an elevator

  1. Toni

    You have curious tastes in music, Marc (and Andrew).

    Elevator music – clever idea, shame about the execution. A bit like Pink floyd making an album using rubber bands and objects they found in their houses. It never was let out in public. Neither should this have, really, except as a marketing gimmick.

    Wake up. Hmm. The simplicity and improv feel is actually very reminiscent of what you might often hear in the community church on a Sunday, although with a somewhat brutal and slightly un-musical feel. Lots of potential, but not realised.

    Keep the car running. Started off not too bad before grinding down to become a rock’n’roll version of Wake up. I wonder if the Youtube audio compression format is killing the musicality of the band? I hope so, because if not there’s a lot of obvious talent going to waste.

    Live, they might be incredible.

    I *think* I understand a bit. You LIKE this kind of alternative music to prove that you can break away from the realms of convention and still have it. If it can be deconstructed, thrown back together and put on stage in from of cheering fans then it’s good. This is how the wRants*
    might have been if they’d been managed by someone from U2, instead of being a folk-reggae band.

    One man’s meat etc. Diversity must be a good thing.

    *not really representative, but here:

  2. Andrew

    Speaking for myself, I like this kind of music because I think it’s good, that’s all. No other agenda.

  3. Toni

    Sure, I understand Andrew.

    As with so many things, I find that in abstract they’re all fine, great, OK. It’s only once I experience them in reality that I they suddenly become not OK or fine.

    So it was here. I wrote the about while the clips were playing, and within 30 mins of walking away regretted what I wrote. Not that I take back any of it, but I wish I’d simply not listened and felt compelled to write.

    I’ve been listening to Joe Bonamassa a bit recently, and putting the Arcade Fire side by side (timewise) may have been a bit unkind to them.

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