Checking in

Writing a post at my brother-in-law’s toasty apartment in the Granville area of Vancouver.  He’s off to get some sushi and noodles for supper.  This morning and afternoon we whipped over the Coquihalla in no time (driving the Speed Limit +12–the No Ticket Speed Limit–helped).  The Coquihalla is not as much of a white-knuckler as I remember it being.  I remember my parents and I drove it one time one summer when it was still a toll highway.  It seemed like a big deal at the time.  Afterwards, Dad bought a bumper sticker that read “I drove the Coquihalla”. 

Unfortunately, the bridge that connects the west-bound Trans-Canada highway to Vancouver was closed for several hours due to a fatal accident involving a motorcycle.  We moved along at a snail’s pace and were eventually re-routed to another bridge from downtown Surrey.  Just rounding the corner before going down the hill approaching the bridge, we heard on the radio that the bridge on the Trans-Canada had re-opened.  Figures.  We would have been better off to visit our friends in Langley and wait out the traffic jam.  As it was, it took us almost as long to drive from Surrey to our current location in Vancouver (maybe 30kms) as it did to drive from Kamloops to Surrey (about 300kms).

But we did fine and the kids were great.  Madeline was hyper, Olivia was sitting in a runny poop-filled diaper and Luke had to pee.  But we made it.

Backing up: a night in Kamloops (all of us asleep by 9:30 local time) and an hour in the pool with the kids.

Prior to that, two nights with Dixie’s relatives in Calgary.  Went to the zoo sans Dixie, who stayed at home sleeping to fight off a cold.  Impressed by the elephants (they’re always impressive) and the grizzly bears.  We may have been there at the wrong time (most of the afternoon), because many of the animals appeared to be resting and out of sight.  Oh well.  Still: elephants and grizzly bears!

Oh, and the night before that with friends at The Field.  Quiet.  Relaxing.  Could’ve spent a week there, easily.  Without the kids.  Of course.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting the Vancouver Aquarium and spending some time in Stanley Park.  The following day it’s off to Tofino for a couple of nights.  I’m very much looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Andrew

    It seems we passed like ships in the night…. we drove the coquihalla this p.m. too. When will you be here?

  2. Toni

    Hope the break is good for you guys – seems you’ve been working close to the wire these last few months.

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