There and back again and then over there and then back again.

Got home late last night from our tour of southwestern Canada–all the way to Tofino, which is nearly as far west as a person can go in Canada.  We drove just a hair under 5,535 kilometres over our 3 weeks on the road.

I’ve been offline for most of the time away, which I’ve enjoyed.  I didn’t really miss the internets all that much, which, I suppose, is a bit of a lesson for me.  I plan on doing some posts about the trip in the near future.

I’ve unpacked the van and now I’m preparing to repack the van, as Luke and I are driving down to Otterburne tomorrow with a vanload of books, etc.* and to pay for our the trailer we bought.

As I’m boxing all of our books, Dixie and I get into a debate about my manner of packing.  You see, I’ve got a scheme in mind for the limited bookshelf space we will have in Otterburne.  I figure that if we have to choose a limited number of our books to shelve, then it should be those which we’ve already read.  Dixie, on the other hand, is more inclined to choose books in a set (i.e. matching spines–such as Penguin classics) or books she wants to read.  My argument runs thusly: if Joe or Jane Visitor comes over and looks through our bookshelf, as many people are inclined to do, and pulls out a book and says, “How was this one?” I think we should be able to give an answer.  Otherwise, the conversation will go like this:

“How was this book?

“Dunno.  Haven’t read it yet.”

“Did you like this one?”

“I haven’t read that one either.”

“Did you read this book?


“Have you read any of these books?  How many of these have you read?”


And so on.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t have a bookshelf in which 90% of its contents are unread.

There will also be boxes of books marked “to read”, which are those books which we own, haven’t read, but want to read.  And, finally, there will be a third level of box holding books which we are in no hurry to read.  We may want to consider simply getting rid of that last set.

I have tentatively won the argument.  For now.

And so tomorrow the Vandermen set off once again.

Had a brief meeting today with our real estate agent.  We’ve lowered the price again.  We need to sell the house.  We also discussed some of the finishing work which should probably be done to sell the house.  I found it a rather depressing meeting.

But all shall be well.

3 thoughts on “There and back again and then over there and then back again.

  1. Toni

    Guess it’s about who your book shelves are for: your visitors and how you want to look in front of them, or for you and Dixie and how you want to access your books. Don’t forget that unread books do also convert to read books after a while – if you own them because you want to read them.

  2. Toni

    BTW welcome back – glad you’re safe and sound and had a good break. I’ve missed your blogging and having someone online to disagree with.


  3. Marc

    You have a point, Toni. Dixie said something similar: “So this is a pride thing?”

    It’s not–there might be *some* pride in there–but it’s more about the logic for me. It doesn’t make sense to me to have two bookshelves full of unread books.

    The plan is now open anyway, as we’ve decided to just dump all the books in the trailer so that I can bring all the boxes back to pack other things into. We shall see.

    BTW, in case anyone cares, I forgot to link the * in the post to anything. I meant to say,

    *the boxes of books are the one thing our friends have (lovingly) complained about when helping us move, so we figured we’d move them ourselves.

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