Today I got a haircut

Today I paid someone to cut my hair.  I haven’t done that in more than a decade–10 years I’ve been clean!  I felt a bit dirty about the whole thing.

Dixie has been cutting my hair for many years, but yesterday she said, “Maybe you should go somewhere to get your hair cut.  It’d be nice for you to grow it out a bit.”

I had dropped the car off for an oil change and inspection and walked over to the mall.  They have two hair places there: one that looks extremely feminine–or at least more feminine than other places–and I thought it was a real possibility that when I asked them how much a haircut cost that they would reply, “We don’t do men.”  The other place had a bit more testosterone about it, but it didn’t look as legit.  So I went to Femihair.  They do do men.

“How much is it for a haircut?” I asked.


I nearly swallowed my tongue.  $23.00 for a haircut?  I was thinking maybe $9.00.  $10.00, tops.  Of course, I was thinking of the old days.  15 years ago.  At Ultracuts.  In Moose Jaw.  But she said they could cut my hair immediately, so I couldn’t say, “No thanks”.

When I sat down, she pulled out hair clippers.

“Dear god!” I thought to myself, “She’s going to cut my hair in exactly the same manner as Dixie cuts it, except I’m paying good money for this!”

She clipped the sides, but she used scissors for the top.  It looks okay–not $25.00 better than Dixie’s haircut, and Dixie says it doesn’t really flatter the shape of my head–but it’ll do.

3 thoughts on “Today I got a haircut

  1. Toni

    I struggle with the paid haircut thing too. There’s a new place opened in Bicester charging $20+ a shot, where I usually pay $16 max. They look busy enough but I’m happier going where I usually do.

    I’m tempted just to run the beard trimmer over my few remaining follicles.

  2. Andrew

    There’s a new barber in Kelowna who charges $25 for a haircut– it comes with a tall can of beer, and a large screen tv playing movies while you get your cut. It’s worth it.

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