Further happenings and goings on…

I forgot to mention that yesterday–August 12–was our 9 year wedding anniversary, which, according to the card my mother-in-law gave us, is our latex anniversary (it was a joke card–other anniversaries included Styrofoam, Teflon, Soil and Soup).

We disposed of the children–Madeline went to a friend’s house for a sleepover and Dixie’s parents took Luke and Olivia for the night–and did the following:

1.  Shared a rushed Dinner for One and a small wonton soup at Vu’s Garden.  We were going to a 6:40 film and we got to the restaurant at 6 and it was packed.  We asked for our food to be rushed, if possible.  It was, and we ate well before several other tables who had been seated before us.  They probably disliked us intensely at that moment.

2.  Arrived on time for our 6:40 film, Julie & Julia.  It was preceded by several film previews in no way connected, as far as we could tell, to the type of audience attending this film.  Julie & Julia is a light-hearted film about fulfilling dreams and cooking; three of the previews were for horror or suspense films.

I give Julie & Julia 3.5/5 stars.  Meryl Streep was brilliant as usual, the story was interesting (particularly Julia Child’s), and Dixie and I were both inspired to cook more (and more interestingly).  But it’s never a good sign when you feel the need to check the time 3/4 of the way through the film.  Plus, I didn’t think the two stories which made up the film–Julia Child’s rise as a cook and Julie’s life–really worked well together.  The story of Julia Child was biopic-ish, whereas Julie’s story, even though based on actual events, seemed more like an old-school Meg Ryan romantic comedy.  Not a good mix.

3.  Went home, in bed by 9:30p.m., asleep just after 10.

4.  Breakfast at Smitty’s this morning before retrieving the children.

It was a good time.

9 years and still going strong.

Happy anniversary, Dixie!

3 thoughts on “Further happenings and goings on…

  1. Simon

    A very happy anniversary to you two. Though shame on you for being asleep just after 10. Although you were IN bed at 9.30… So, never mind.

  2. Ky

    Glad you guys had a nice anniversary.

    Felt the same way about Julie & Julia–found myself wishing it had all been Julia. Also, I felt the same way about the previews. The theatre audience was probably 90% women aged 30-50, so after each horror/suspense preview, the crowd burst out laughing.

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