The new news-talk

I’ve noticed a change in the journalism voice lately.  It seems to be something arising as my generation becomes more prominent in the media (two of my university classmates have been working for CBC Saskatchewan for about 7 years now).  It’s a fast-to-slow speech, ending slowly, presumably, for emphasis.  But most of the time, this kind of emphasis isn’t needed.

So, a phrase like “Once again the government has had to backtrack on their healthcare policy” is spoken like this,

“Onceagainthegovernmenthashadtobacktrack on their health…care…pol-i-cy”.

Also, as they approach the slow part of the phrase, they drop the pitch of their voice, but that’s nothing new.

Do you know what I’m talking about?  Maybe I should record myself saying it (pass!).  I’m hearing it more and more, particularly on the radio.