I am a man of constant indecision.

I’m staring at my class options.  I need to register in the next couple of days and I need to make some choices.  Choosing courses has always been a struggle for me: there are often so many good options, but you can’t take them all and some of them are offered only every other year, so who knows what my schedule will look like then.  I had a meeting with my faculty advisor and established three courses which would be beneficial to take in this first semester, but that still leaves one or two choices.

The other choice is whether to take a full five-course schedule, or keep it down to four.  Part of me wants to dive in head-first; another part of me wants to (somewhat) ease in–let the family settle.  Plus I’m still working on my distance course from Briercrest, which is due October 12, which is essentially halfway through the semester.  I sometimes wish I could just be told, “These are the courses you must take.”  Actually, the M.Div. program is quite set out already, with only about 6 electives available in the three-year program.

The three courses I will take for sure: 1.  Theological Foundations I; 2. Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (a one-week intensive in October); and 3.  Koine Greek I.

A course I will likely take: Christian Ethics.  The name of the course brings me back to my high school days, but it’s a different sort of course.  One of the the required course texts is Yoder’s The Politics of Jesus, which I have wanted to read for some years now (I already own it–yay!), and the course is based heavily on Bonhoeffer’s Ethics.  Interesting!

Other course choices (if I choose to go with 5): 1.  Theology of Mission (“this course is born of the conviction that theology without a missional goal is not theology”); 2. The Birth of the New Testament (a course I will eventually have to take); 3.  Reading the Church’s Bible (“traces the unified narrative of the Bible through its constituent parts in the Old and New Testaments”).

Any suggestions from you current (or recent) Prov students who happen to read this blog?

I suspect that it would be best to take only four courses this semester (plus completing the Briercrest Seminary course).  Maybe I’ll register for five courses and then drop one early on after attending a class or two.

Tomorrow I will drop my Patristic Fathers syllabus off at the registrar’s office to see what sort of credit (if any) I can get for it (assuming I complete it).

The truth is, I’m getting a bit nervous about all this.  I don’t have much faith in my organizational/scheduling skills or my discipline.  I successfully completed one semester at the graduate level at the University of Regina, so I know I can do this.  But looking at the syllabi for these courses, the reading in particular scares me.  I enjoy reading, of course, and I enjoy theology, obviously, but I’m a slow reader.

I guess it’s time to get serious about studying.  I got a B.A. without being very serious about the whole business, but I don’t think I can do that here, for several reasons which I won’t explore right now.

8 thoughts on “I am a man of constant indecision.

  1. mam V.

    difficult choices, I suggest 4 courses for a start , it can be overwhelming if you take on too much at once and you still have the Briercrest course to finish. Is there a good library on campus? Is it possible to take a speed reading course?
    Success Marc, you can do it, with love and prayers.

  2. Toni

    I agree about 4 courses. The upheaval has been significant and you may find it working it’s way out in your family over the coming months. Having you around more and a little less stressed at this time might be a very good thing for health and sanity all round.

    Good man – I’m sure you’ll find that you can pull the organisational side together once you settle down with the idea.

  3. Simon

    The answer to your conundrum is simple, Marc. When wondering which courses would be best for you to take, simply ask yourself this question: “Which courses would be most detrimental to LORD VOLDEMORT?”

    You’re welcome.

  4. Marc

    Do you mean 4 courses *including* the Briercrest one or *as well as* the Briercrest one?

    Simon: Thanks. Very helpful.


  5. Ang

    Laughing a bit too hard at Simon’s comment; FUNNY! From comments I’ve read of his in the past, I may NOT want to encourage him. {Grin}

    My opinion would also be to take it a little slower this first semester; there will be kinks to work out during this adjustment – just as Toni said.

    Take care, guys!

  6. Toni

    “I suspect that it would be best to take only four courses this semester (plus completing the Briercrest Seminary course). ”

    Do stop confusing the issue with options!


  7. Linea

    I’m with Simon! And I think that would mean taking only 4 courses plus completing the one from Briercrest. The extra time will be used up in battle with Lord V.

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