Citizen Kane

A classic Kids in the Hall sketch, “Citizen Kane”:

A bit violent at the end there.

I wandered into a bargain shop in Steinbach a couple of days ago and they had season 1 of the show on DVD for $5! Happy find.

Well now I’ve gone and spent a good hour or so hunting up Kids in the Hall sketches on YouTube (looks like I could have seen most of the show online and saved the $5). I always preferred the odd and off-the-wall Kids in the Hall over their material which pushed the proverbial envelope. Here, then, are some of my favourites–this will give you a peek into the formative comedy of my youth (for good or ill).

Seven Things to Do
Mr. Heavyfoot
Car Won’t Start
My Horrible Secret
Will Do Guy

And of course there’s The Pen, one of their best.

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  1. Marc Post author

    I’ve just linked to several more of my favourites.

    Did you learn of TKITH after moving to Canada or did you watch them in the U.S.?

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