…in which the author ruminates on recent happenings.

…in which the author ruminates on recent happenings.

Yesterday morning I began what will hopefully become a routine: a morning run. I’m doing this partially because I need to loose some inches and partially to fulfill a promise to my mom to work on my fitness and diet.

I’ve started the “Couch to 5K” plan, which is an ease-into-running plan aimed at preventing the drop-out rate of those who try to run too much, too hard right off the bat. It’s a 9-week program in which you progress from jogging and walking intermittently (walk 90 seconds, jog 60 seconds, etc. for 3o minutes) to running a full 5 kilometres. I’m not sure how I am to distinguish between running and jogging, but it still looks promising.

Dixie’s brother first told me about this in June, but he said that it was a bit irritating because you had to constantly keep an eye on your watch (and, presumably, a chart indicating what to do and for how long). Several weeks later, Darren Barefoot mentioned a Couch to 5K app for the iPod Touch, which take all of the hassle out of the plan. Start your music, start the app, and it’ll tell you when you should run and when you should walk, and it keeps track of your progress.

I’ve upped the ante by asking one of our neighbours to join me, making it easier to get up in the morning to do the run.

Dixie has joined the on-campus fitness centre. I may do that once it gets too cold outside for a sane person to run, but there are intramural sports (football, floor hockey, soccer) throughout the school year, which may make that unnecessary.

* * *

Yesterday we went down to the beach at St. Malo Provincial Park. The beach there is comparable to the one we went to at Christopher Lake. The water at St. Malo isn’t as nice and not as shallow, but the sand is far superior. Here’s a bird’s-eye view:

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* * *

My final (I think) class line-up:

  • Theological Foundations I
  • Christian Ethics (Yoder! Bonhoeffer!)
  • Intro to Pastoral Ministry (one-week intensive at the beginning of October)
  • Intro to Hebrew I

I had wanted to take Greek this year and had registered for it, but I was told that Greek I and II would be offered in a month-long course next summer. I’d like to get both first-year languages out of the way so that I have the option to take advanced language courses in my second and third years. I’m more nervous about Hebrew than I was Greek, but we shall see.

I’ve spent $500 on textbooks, including the purchase of one highly recommended but not required text. Now I’m trying to decide if it’s worth spending the $110 on the not required by recommended critical edition of the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Old Testament in Hebrew). Apparently the Canadian Bible Society will give us a copy of the Hebrew Bible, but it’s only a basic edition. The bookstore manager says that 2/3 Hebrew students get the critical edition. Maybe I can find it used somewhere for cheap…

11 thoughts on “…in which the author ruminates on recent happenings.

  1. lisa

    good on you for running. Back in PA i did the Learn to run program. Sounds similiar. But if you want to loose weight, you have to watch what you eat as well. I lost like 5 lbs the 3 months I was running ‘cos I kept “rewarding” myself with sweets!

  2. Hebrew Scholar

    Thanks for your post. Interested to hear that you have been quoted $110 for the not required but recommended critical edition of the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Old Testament in Hebrew). Which critical edition of the Hebrew Bible is that? Do you mean the BHS? You should be able to find a BHS for a whole lot cheaper than that! Do you mean the BHQ? If so, it is not fully completed yet.

  3. Collette

    fantastic! I did that Cool Running program too, actually. but I didn’t finish it — whoops! but, there were circumstances surrounding it, like that whole marriage breakup bit of my life. anyhoo, good for you!! and I’m glad to hear there’s an app for it — I definitely found checking my watch annoying. usually I’d just end up jogging with my watch in my hand so it was a bit easier to peek at. I am hoping someday to get an iPhone (because I’m already with Rogers, it’s phenomenally expensive. I’m waiting to see if they can knock it down from $450 to somewhere below $300) and I keep wanting to take up jogging again, so maybe both will happen together!

    also, last summer at a conference I attended in Chicago, Darren Barefoot was one of the keynote speakers! I admit I didn’t learn much from him, but only because I’m very well-versed in the land of social media. he was entertaining though, which was great!

  4. Don Hendricks

    Tell me exactly what you need. I have not used my Hebrew Text much at all. Cost of shipping if its what you need?

  5. Toni

    Seeing as you’re reading Yoder I keep wanting to hear the line “Ethics, much to learn about it you have” spoken aloud in THAT voice.

  6. Jeremy

    Marc, forgive me for chuckling when I tried to imagine a beach with worse sand than St. Malo. Unless they have shipped in several thousands truckloads of real sand from Grand Beach in the intervening 15 years since I’ve been there, the correct term would be *gravel*. That said, I’m glad you enjoyed it — I have many fond childhood memories of that place.

  7. Marc Post author

    Maybe my beach standards are too low.

    But then, if memory serves, I don’t think the sand at St. Malo is any worse than the sand at that beach in Trout Creek we went to nearly every day in July.

  8. Marc Post author

    By the way, did you go to the Google Maps link? It was supposed to be embedded, but it wasn’t working (it’s fixed now). Did the beach look like that in your day?

  9. Jeremy

    I zoomed in as far as I could in Google Maps, but I need more resolution to properly analyze any improvement in sand quality. But yes, the layout of the place looks the same. We used to slide down that spillway, which in retrospect was very, very stupid. Rusty metal pipes sticking out at irregular intervals, slime acceleration, and about 18 inches of water at the bottom.

    If it’s the same type of sand as Powell Beach now, it’s been improved over the years. Not that Powell sand is so great. I think as a kid we always just compared it to Grand Beach, which seemed like miraculously fine grains to us.

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