Lord of the Rings

Dixie didn’t think this was funny, but for some reason it made me laugh.  It might be because this scene near the end of Return of the King (the film) has always annoyed me:

Somehow I wound up watching this–“How Lord of the Rings Should have Ended“:

If you go to the YouTube page for it, you’ll see that THERE ARE SEVENTEEN THOUSAND COMMENTS FOR THAT VIDEO. Nerds and haters arguing. Hilarious (and you all know how much I love Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, right?)


And here’s French & Saunders’ brilliant Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings film spoof:

One thought on “Lord of the Rings

  1. Toni


    “Imagine if we’d had to walk all the way?”

    I can create lots if reasons why that wouldn’t have worked, but if you’re going to let common sense and reality get in the way of a good story then you might as well just go into accounting.

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