A chart for your edification.

I just spent way too much time creating the following line chart, which shows the relationship between how full my schedule is and how much blogging I do:

Busy-ness vs. Inspiration Ration

As you can see, my Busy-ness to Inspiration Ratio is pretty high (or is it low? I can never remember.)  September was a productive month both in terms of homework and assignments and blogging.  October, thus far, is a relatively slow month in terms of school work and my blogging quantity reflects that fact.

Comparing this empirically-sound chart and my calendar, I predict that blogging will pick up significantly near the end of November, with a chance of intermittent posting for the rest of October.

3 thoughts on “A chart for your edification.

  1. Ange J

    Love it! I’m actually not very good with charts, but this is one that I can actually understand 🙂 Looking forward to reading even the intermittent postings!

  2. Toni

    I suspect it’s the link between motivation and energy – when you’re motivated and moving your brain works better and when you’re slacking off and a little bored your brain simply can’t be bothered.

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