Fun with report cards

I was sorting through some of my old papers tonight and came across all of my old report cards.  I had some good laughs.

1. In my second semester of Grade 12 I got the following comments from teachers of 4 of my 5 classes:

  • “Well done!”
  • “Appreciate participation in class”
  • “Putting forth a good effort”
  • “Good progress”
  • “Positive contribution to class spirit”
  • “Cooperative and willing student”
  • “Lab work excellent”

I don’t mention those comments to gloat, but as a juxtaposition against the following comments from my French teacher for the same report period:

  • “Progress satisfactory”
  • “Disturbs others occasionally”
  • “Does not respect teacher’s authority”

Hilarious.  Some of these comments are not like the others.

I remember this French teacher.  He started when we were in Grade 10, I think, which was the last year that we were required to take the class.  As I recall he was a bit of an eccentric man as well as quite stern and strict.  He did not endear himself to his students, resulting in many students not continuing in French in the following years who might have done so with a different teacher.  I was tempted to opt out of French as well, but there was something in his eccentricity that kept me interested. He had a dry wit that every now and then would make an appearance, so I stuck it out.  For some reason, however, he did not care much for me.

2. From the same year, but in the first semester: I had a 90% in Chemistry 30 at mid-term.  My teacher’s comments:

  • “does excellent work consistently”
  • “Well behaved”
  • “It’s not too late to improve this mark”

Wait–what?  Improve this mark? I was sitting at 90%.  Hilarious.

3. Grade 5 teacher’s comments:

Marc does well with math, but could do better if he gave a little more effort and consentration.

Our parents were supposed to sign our report cards and then we would return them to our teachers.  You’ll notice that the teacher spelled “concentration” incorrectly.  My mom evidently underlined the “s” in concentration before sending the report card back with me.

My teacher replied to this underlining: “Thanx, I’m only a teacher.”

Also hilarious.

4.  Finally, a progress letter from my Grade 3 teacher, which said, “Marc needs to work harder at not talking out of turn.”  That’s funny only because I still have to work hard at not talking out of turn.  If seminary professors gave report cards, it’d probably say something similar.

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  1. Marc Post author

    No juxtapositioning to do yet. We’ll see how my last midterm turns out. There may be juxtapositioning to do yet!

  2. Marc

    Yes. Mom kept them all. And then at some point (probably when I got married) she passed them on to me. I assume she did the same with you?

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