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Not much to say these days, I’ll be honest.  The semester is winding down, which is reflected in my Busy-ness to Inspiration ratio.  I have two short papers left to write, as well as one final exam, and I’m done.  Hard to believe, actually. I’m already gearing up mentally for next semester.  I’m hoping to read a book or two for next semester’s over Christmas.

I registered for next semester’s classes today.  I’m registered for four, but I might bring it down to three.  We shall see.  My course lineup was pre-set for the most part, partly because two of the courses I’m in right now are actually year-long courses.  Also, my program doesn’t have many electives and there are two courses I need to take in my first year, one of which is offered in the winter semester.  Right now I’m registered for:

  • Theological Foundations II (I’m currently in TF I)
  • Introductory Hebrew II (I’m currently in Hebrew I)
  • Hermeneutics
  • Theology and Practice of Christian Spirituality and Formation

I’m not fully convinced of my winter line-up.  It will be my Theological Foundations professor’s last semester at the seminary before moving to New Zealand to take up a new academic post there.  I’ve enjoyed his classes immensely and hoped to take an extra class from him.  But given my program requirements, it looks like I’ll just have to go with the one.  I could take it instead of Hermeneutics, but I’ve been advised that Hermeneutics would be a useful class to have under my belt for more advanced courses.

I had a look at the Hermeneutics syllabus. It’s a bit confusing, but from what I can make out, it looks a little scary. One of the textbooks is this 600-page tome: The Hermeneutical Spiral. It looks interesting, but I’m a little nervous about reading the whole book in one semester (if that’s required). The text is pretty small. And it’s a big book.

Two of the texts for Theological Foundations II are Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together and Lauren Winner’s Girl Meets God.  I know we own both of these books already, but I can’t find them.  Of course not.

That is all.

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