Notes from the Mobile Home 1: Slow Cooker

Dixie and I have made a switch for the week.  She’ll be in class all day every day (“Psychopathology”) and I’ll be at home all day every day.  A change of pace for both of us.

I’m not sure I can figure out how to compartmentalize my time in an efficient way.  This is something at which Dixie is exceptionally skilled and it can sometimes be frustrating.  I’ll be agonizing over a paper due in a couple of days while she’s completed a draft for a paper not due for several weeks.  In fact, she may even have completed most of another paper due in April.  For undisciplined, a poor time manager, and constant progress comparer (such as yours truly) this is frustrating.

Nevertheless, I march on.  I shall overcome.

Dixie has tried to help me by preparing a menu for the week (my Inner Cynic tells me that she’s doing this to show me how much she accomplishes in a day, but I mustn’t listen to my Inner Cynic).  If a menu was not prepared, supper decisions would be made approximately 30 minutes before mealtime and would consist of daily variations on pasta or eggs.

Last night, after Dixie had already gone to bed, I had a look at today’s supper item, per the menu.  Corn chowder.  In the slow cooker.  The instructions alarmed me.  I marched to the bedroom.

“Dix,” I said, “are you serious about this corn chowder?  It’s for the slow cooker and it says it takes 8-10 hours to cook! This means I’ll have to start supper first thing in the morning.”

“Yes,” she replied.  “Then it’ll be done!”

By the time I got everything together this morning–figuring out in what manner one chops and “cooks” (a rather generic term, if you ask me) celery and onions in preparation for the slow cooker (which, it seems to me, would cook both ingredients anyway); locating the bay leaves; not burning the bacon; cleaning and cutting the potatoes, etc.–it was 10:40.  And by my calculations, that would mean supper would be ready at 6:30 at the earliest, which, of course, is unacceptable.

In the middle of this, Dixie’s mom called.  After I explained my dilemma, she told me that she makes corn chowder on the stove in about 30 minutes!  Alas, by this time most of the ingredients were already simmering in the slow cooker. So I had a day of preparing two supper meals to look forward to.

Things turned up when Dixie came home for lunch.  She explained that the slow cooker cooks hot, so it would probably be ready for an on-time supper.  She was right.

It was delicious.

6 thoughts on “Notes from the Mobile Home 1: Slow Cooker

  1. Ang

    I think one might be interested in having one’s friend post or email this corn chowder slow cooker recipe. Could one’s friend, and husband of said recipe holder, please pass the message on. Thankyouverymuch!

    Have fun in your domestic adventures this week.

  2. Phil L

    Glad it turned out well. I’ve used our slow cooker exactly once, but suppose I should use it more. I favour stir-fry, but it is nice to come home to a cooked meal.

  3. Toni

    Congrats on surviving unfamiliar cooking technology. I like meals to take between 20 to 40 minutes tops to cook, with the exception of a roast or stew, where up to 3 hours is permissible. Baked potatoes don’t strictly count, of course, but their 1 hour time is balanced by the 5 min t takes to fry a steak and keep it properly rare.

    You guys sure must eat early……

  4. Marc Post author

    Toni: Our kids are usually in bed between 7:30-8:00 and we usually eat between 5:00 and 6:00. Is that early? I suspect it might be, by European standards.

  5. Toni

    Depends (and that’s not braces, over here). I’ve just got back from a music practice where there was much muttering about things being late and wanting to start at 7pm for a 9pm finish. Some people apparently don’t have conventional working hours.

    We normally aim for about 6.45pm +/- 30min.

  6. Collette

    growing up we always ate at 6, so that is supper time for me. when I eat at 5:30, which I often do, I always feel like I ate early.

    also, I used to make a fantastic corn chowder! I’m trying to lose some weight so I won’t make it any time soon, but thanks for the reminder! and yep, 30 minutes on the stove is how I do it 🙂

    these Notes from the Mobile Home are cute!

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