East Coast Literature

Remember that time that I posted about how much I like melancholic maritime fiction?  No, well, I did.  Today Rilla posted this on my Facebook wall.  It is both AWESOME and hilarious, mostly because it’s an incredibly accurate summary of the genre. In other words, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.  Of course, if you’ve never read any of this type of lit, it won’t seem like such a big deal:

5 thoughts on “East Coast Literature

  1. Marc Post author

    Good question. Does it sound like a Thomas Hardy novel?

    Wait…he’s English. I suspect English east coast literature would have a slightly different basic story-line. But I may very well be wrong.

  2. Scott

    No Marc, I think English coastal lit/mining town lit would be the same… after all, the east coast of Canada was settled by many from England and Scotland – Nova Scotia = New Scotland, New Brunswick…

  3. Marc

    They have a similar ancestry, yes, and that comes into play. But the experience of east coast Canadians is different than the experience of coastal British and that spills onto the page.

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