Alternate summer reading list

Last week we did a major book purge. We donated three office-size boxes of fiction, literature and Christian material to the Providence library. It still feels like we didn’t put a dent in the books we have, but it was nevertheless good to clear some stuff out.

As we were cleaning, I came across a number of books hidden behind some other books. So here’s a possible alternate summer reading list. It is themed around the prairies/great plains. It would include:

  1. Wallace Stegner, Wolf Willow
  2. Ian Frazier, The Great Plains
  3. Candace Savage, Prairie: A Natural History
  4. Norman Henderson, Rediscovering the Prairies: Journeys by Dog, Horse and Canoe
  5. Maybe re-read W.O. Mitchell’s Who Has Seen the Wind

This probably won’t happen, but I hope to read them all soon. Maybe I should save them for the cold winter months and savour the images of the warm winds of the prairie summer.

After I posted my initial reading list, I almost immediately remembered a number of other books I intended to read soon. Books are fun.

One thought on “Alternate summer reading list

  1. Phil L

    I highly recommend Wolf Willow. Stegner has a captivating style, and the book is a unique blend of autobiography, fiction, and ecosystem description.

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