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After two years, I have finally figured out why I have been blogging a lot less since entering seminary. My blogging was already on the wane prior to our move, but I had expected the intellectual stimulation of the seminary classroom to fuel the proverbial fires of this blog. That did not happen.

What I didn’t account for was this: seminary friends. And not just any seminary friends, but seminary friends who enjoy few things as much as discussing theology, to the point that almost anything we do together (such as a poker night) inevitably turns into a theological discussion.

The discussion I would normally try to generate on this blog, I am now having in the seminary classrooms, hallways, and in my home. I therefore feel less inclined to post my thoughts here.

This has made me realize that in this respect seminary is certainly a bubble. Nowhere else will I find so many people interested in which theological book I’m reading, or what Barth or Bonhoeffer or Wright has to say about something. I suspect I will be in for a sort of “culture shock” once I’m finished here. I expect my blogging volume will increase correspondingly.

* * *

There was a time when I thought “best of” and “favourite” lists were fun exercises. “Best album of the 90s”; “Favourite albums of all time”; “5 Desert Island Books”; etc. I am now at the point where I usually think this is a useless exercise, because the details of those lists change almost weekly, depending on mood and current taste.

It occurred to me, however, that a more objective approach to this list business is the “25 Most Played” feature on my iPod. I got quite excited about the potential results–what are my favourites based on actual frequency played rather than on nostalgia (which allows a favourite even if the CD hasn’t been played in years).

Last night I checked my iPod’s stats and was sorely disappointed in the results. Of course I should have expected this.

#1: “Grace and Peace” by Fernando Ortega, which we wake up to every morning.

The other 24 were the songs, sometimes duplicate, from the Barenaked Ladies’ children’s album, Snacktime, which Olivia goes to sleep to almost every night.


* * *

I sometimes come up with strange ideas, ideas which probably seemed hilarious or brilliant (or both) at the time, but now seem more embarrassing than anything.

Consider, for instance, a note I wrote some years ago, presumably as an idea for a possible blog post. Dixie found it this morning as she was cleaning out some clutter. It was in a small box filled with notes and old receipts which we for some reason thought necessary to bring with us on our move to Manitoba.

I don’t know how long ago I wrote this, but here it is:

What would a world of uninhibited flatulence be like? A world in which we could fart freely, without embarrassment or fear of social recriminations? A world in which Dutch ovens would be given as loving gifts


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Musings

  1. Toni

    “I suspect I will be in for a sort of “culture shock” once I’m finished here.”

    Many of us are still here, where you left us.


    I think that last post illustrates well another reason your blog output was in decline before college – you were filtering out stuff that might have made it in an earlier time, and that’s not a bad thing.

  2. Randall

    And RED!

    I like it, lots.
    Life needs more red in it.

    (and yes, that sounded a bit superficial but to help deepen the thought I would add that the Chinese believe that red is the colour of happiness. I like all the happiness here.)

  3. Linea

    I still think a Dutch Oven could be a loving gift. OK, maybe not for the anniversary but otherwise it would be fine. Well, maybe not for Valentines – unless it is red. I’m thinking here a nice enameled cast iron Creuset type dutch oven mind you.

    I will not respond to the farting bit – in some families it is all too uninhibited.

  4. Toni

    And if you’ve been for a good curry the day before then I guess you could give a Tandoor instead.

    I’ve just thought of that scripture where the rich announce their giving with trumpets – was that the sort of thing you had in mind?

  5. Phil L

    I’m not in seminary, and I’m down to about one blog post per month. I just haven’t been motivated.
    Would you mind if I borrowed your flatulence theme?

  6. Mr. C.C.

    People think you have to blog multiple times a week. But if you do it a few times a month, nobody will fault you. I blog a few times a month and I am fine with that. Unless you blog about anything and everything, than of course you will not blog to the frequency you have in the past or want to. It happens. I have a few ideas noodling in my brain about what to write on. Check out my blog soon…

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