The end is nigh.

It is slowly dawning on me that (at the time of writing) graduation is about five weeks away. This is both an exciting and a terrifying prospect. Exciting because I’ll be done with research papers and I’ll be able to do guilt-free pleasure reading. Terrifying because this is where the real leap of faith happens, entering the “real world” once again. Terrifying also because there is so much left to do in these next five weeks. In no particular order:

  • Write and present an exegetical paper on 1 Peter 4:12-13.
  • Read 2 books and write three short critiques (there’s a third book I just finished reading).
  • Research and write a 20-page paper on the relationship between God’s wrath and God’s love in Romans 5:1-11 (my topic choice).
  • Write a sermon (Matthew 22:1-14 – the parable of the wedding banquet).
  • Co-plan and co-lead Good Friday service at our church.
  • Write and present another exegetical paper on another couple of verses from 1 Peter.
  • Write a philosophy of ministry
  • Write a summary of a workshop I attended at the Church Planting Congress in Winnipeg last November, including a 3-page bibliography of resources for further study on the subject.
  • Write a final translation exam on 1 Peter.
  • Prepare 3 special services (for a class on Pastoral Theology): wedding, funeral, and baby dedication.
  • Various smaller weekly assignments.

I oscillate between despair and hopefulness, between feeling like it’s doable and feeling like it’s not. When I reflect on the smaller assignments, most of which will not be difficult or particularly time consuming, I am hopeful. When I consider the 20-page paper in particular, I am filled with a certain level of dread. I’m just thankful that I’m interested in my topic, which is a rare occurrence.

Onwards and upwards! Up and at them!

2 thoughts on “The end is nigh.

  1. Toni

    I’m not normally one to quote scripture at people, but this makes me think of “for the hope set before Him”. So, for the hope set before you, you can endure the final burst of study, the pressures of reading, the mental stress of producing a 20 page paper, the sermon preparation and all the strain of cramming a huge amount into just a few weeks.

    I wonder if one of the reasons it’s like this is to prepare you for having to cope with the same (and more sometimes) when you’re pushed back out here. You’ll make it, Mark, but do be prepared for anti-climax when the pressure in this form is off.

  2. Marc

    I am prepared for anti-climax, sort of. I finished a course at the end of February for which I had to take 2 extensions (the one with the 35 page paper). After handing in the final assignment, I felt little to no relief. More on the horizon of course.

    I do hope to get a bit of a break after graduation though, before plunging back into the “real world”.

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