Blogging from the sky.

Well, I figured I’d better give it a go just to say I did it. I’m on my way to San Diego for a conference/class, and I’m currently in the air. They have in-flight wifi, which was only legendary in my world until today. $5 for in-flight access and I thought to myself, “Hey, if I can pay nearly $5 for a drink at Starbucks or to rent a movie, why can’t I pay $5 for some in-flight web-browsing, Facebooking, chatting with my on-the-ground wife, and a little online class work?”

So here I am at 30,000 feet, somewhere over America’s midwest, writing a post on my neglected blog. Just for posterity.

And I’m in a hurry, because this is going to cut out when we dip below 10,000 feet. I’m not sure when that will be, because, while this airline does provide onboard wifi, it does not provide onboard television. So no little screen to tell me our altitude.

The conference I’m heading to is an annual pastor’s conference for our denomination.  This is the first time it’s in San Diego (usually Chicago, occasionally Denver). I’m in a Covenant theology (the theological distinctives of the Evangelical Covenant Church) class all week (as part of my ordination process), so I imagine I won’t see as much sun and sand as one would like, if one found him or herself in San Diego. In fact, I may see no sand at all. Class *may* finish early on Friday, which may afford a chance to zip out to the harbor or a beach or maybe the zoo. But I’m not counting on it.

I’m feeling healthy (got a bit paranoid about possible strep throat for a while, after “hot boxing” it in a small classroom with a class of jr. high boys, one of whom, it turned out, had strep throat) and I’m hoping that my room will be bed-bug free (apparently there have been a couple of cases at the place we’re staying). It should be a good week of connections, interactions, discussions, learning, singing, listening, maybe some shopping, sleeping, resting, und so weiter.

There… now I’ve blogged from the sky.