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Some other writings of mine–papers, publications, etc.

1. Love Wins? God’s Love and God’s Wrath in Romans 5.6-10 (pdf, 20 pages). A paper presented in one of my last seminary courses. Tries to deal with the tension in Romans 5 between the need for salvation from God’s wrath and God himself providing that salvation–what, then, is God’s wrath?

2. Personality and Terminology: The Nestorian Controversy (pdf, 15 pages). My first major research paper for seminary. More interesting for understanding the nature of heretics and heresy than in the controversy itself.

3. Another Look at the Pericope of the Adulteress (John 7:53-8:11): Is it Authoritative for the Church? (pdf. 31 pages). A paper on the authority of the story of the adulteress in John, which most scholars say is not original to the text (hence it is marked off in your Bible’s text). Technical look at the manuscript evidence as well as touching on questions of inspiration and the nature of scriptural authority.

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