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An election must be nigh.

Which means I’ll soon have my hackles up about ridiculous statements about faith and religion from politicians and the media.

I noted this story on CBC Radio One’s noon news: “Quebec Tory candidate is Opus Dei member” (Opus Dei is a conservative Catholic organization, caricatured in Dan Brown’s fictional Da Vinci Code).  Why is this news?  We’re a multi-cultural, multi-faith country, so why is this a surprise?

Why is this newsworthy?  Are we not a multi-cultural and multi-religious society?  If so, why would this candidates affiliation surprise or concern anyone?

From the Montreal Gazette:

[Bloc Québécois leader Gilles] Duceppe seized on the revelation that one of the Conservatives’ candidates in Quebec is a member of the ultra-Catholic group Opus Dei as a candidate saying it is proof that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative party are narrow-minded right wing ideologues who would take away a woman’s right to choose.  (Link)

From the Globe and Mail:

“My problem is that Opus Dei is a rather secret society,” Mr. Duceppe told reporters in Quebec City. “Those people certainly share an ideology, a narrow ideology, that doesn’t correspond at all to the modern times in Quebec…. That candidate said very openly that self-whipping is a sacrifice they have to do. I question myself on such practices.” (Link)

An election must be nigh.