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I can be an idiot sometimes.

On Tuesday night I came to an intersection partly obstructed by emergency vehicles responding to an accident.  The northbound lanes were completely blocked, but the southbound lanes—my lanes—were clear.  The right southbound lane, farther away from the scene, had a long line of cars in it.  The left lane was empty.

Some distance away from the intersection, I pulled into the left lane and as I did so, a red car from the right lane pulled up ahead of me.  The light was red, so we both stopped.  When the light turned green, the right lane started moving immediately, but the driver of the red car in front of me didn’t move.  He (or she) hobbled forward a little bit, so I assumed that the driver was trying to get a look at the accident scene.  So I honked—two short bursts.  The person behind the wheel may have gesticulated at me, but I couldn’t really tell.  Finally they pulled out.

And that’s when I saw the police officer directing traffic.

To make matters worse, the red car and I appeared to be on more or less the same route.  We both continued south.  Then we both took a left turn.  This wasn’t unusual, because people, including myself, who would normally have taken a left at the accident scene would be taking this next left.  But then I started thinking…

The red car took a left turn off the main road and into the residential area—the very turn I would be making.  Then it turned left again onto the crescent, which was also my route.  Sure enough, the red car took a right onto the cull-de-sac where we live.  The person I honked at at a police-controlled intersection lives three doors down from us!    What are the odds?

I was prepared to approach the person to explain why I’d honked, but they pulled into a garage.

I can be an idiot sometimes.