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Also true


I usually order books from Amazon.ca.  I’m not sure why.  I should really order from Chapters.ca as a general rule, since they’re a Canadian retailer with a CEO that cares about reading.  Randall has told me several times that Chapters.ca is sometimes cheaper than Amazon.ca.  I recently placed an order at Chapters.ca and he was right—it’s a margin of only a few dollars or less, but still.

On the Saturday before last I ordered some books from Chapters.ca.  Some time after I had checked out, I decided that maybe this wasn’t a good time to order all of those books, so I attempted to cancel 60% of my order.  The site said that cancellation within 50 minutes of placing the order was possible, but because more time had elapsed I would have to request the cancellation and would receive word within 5 days.  So I requested the cancellations. This was Saturday evening.

Monday morning I received two emails from Chapters.ca: “your orders have shipped”, was the long and short of them.  4 days later (last Thursday) and the day after that I received emails, each regretting to inform me that my orders could not be canceled.

Strange policy.  I can’t imagine that there wasn’t enough time to cancel those orders.

Monday morning, 8a.m., the Chapters warehouse:

Supervisor: OK fellas, we’ve got a bunch of weekend orders we have to get shipped pronto.  The sales department needs to get back to some clients, so lets ship these items out as fast as possible and then I can let them know whether or not the orders can be canceled.

One of the fellas: Wait—what?

Supervisor: Just shut up and ship ’em.

The books arrived today and they’re all books I want, so…no harm no foul.  I just don’t recall having a 50 minute cancellation window at Amazon.ca, especially on a weekend.