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Today: Questioning and Blustering

As a part of my ongoing campaign of shameless self-promotion, I direct you the CanWebbie’s interview with me.  I warn you: it is wholly uninspiring (other than the questi0ns asked) and I offer advice which I don’t follow.

Also, here is a brief, poorly filmed and uninspiring video, shot at about 9:00 this morning, of the meteorological craziness in which we are living today:

That doesn’t really capture it. There’s a significant snow drift behind our van and everywhere else (even if we got out of our driveway we wouldn’t get out of the street) and the winds are blowing snow around at upwards of 70km/h. We are cozy enough in our trailer, though.

The CanWebbies

You may have noticed the little button at the top of my sidebar, which says “2010 CWA NOMINEE”.  It seems that a kind reader (or a couple of readers) has nominated me for the Canadian Weblog Awards in the categories of “Art & Photography” (for Photolicious) andthe sweeping-but-naturally-associated “Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy” (for this blog).

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

What can I say at a time like this?  I really don’t know…


But seriously, the odds of me winning anything are slim.  Let’s have a look at the criteria by which the judges will be evaluating nominees.

The evaluation is divided into two categories: design and content.  This blog is a slightly altered version of somebody else’s template–a template which, I add, is used by many WordPress users.  So no go on the design element.

I think I do a little better on the content: I’m usually intelligible, clear, transparent and authentic; I generally pay attention to spelling and grammar, although perhaps not as much as I used to. BUT: Am I engaging?  I don’t know.  Am I original?  No. Am I current? Absolutely not. It’s funny (funny unexpected, not funny haha) that I’m nominated in a year in which I have blogged less than ever (other than when I was not blogging).

But it’s nice that I’ve been nominated. Perhaps someone will click on the link on the nomination page and like what they read here.  Perhaps it will motivate me to blog more and with more care.

It’s a decision by jury and more nominations will roll in as the year goes by. Awards will be…awarded in January 2011.