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Stick in the spokes of grace

A cartoon by nakedpastor:



One of the appeals of Christian universalism* is that it allows God’s redemptive work in and through Jesus to be much broader than we have traditionally allowed–it sees God’s grace reaching as far as he desires, which is to everyone (see 2 Peter 3:9).

The traditional view of eternal punishment in hell for some (many? most?) seems, on the face of it, to be kind of like a stick in the spokes on the bicycle of God’s redemptive work.  God desires everyone saved, but there’s a catch and there’s apparently nothing God can (or will?) do about it.

I don’t presume to know scripture well enough and certainly don’t understand God nearly well enough to to have any sort of answer on this, but I continue to ponder it, because there seems to be a disconnect in scripture between God’s intentions and the actual outcome (as per the traditional view).

*Nakedpastor is not necessarily endorsing a Christian universalist worldview with this cartoon.

Counterproductive (Curse Jar)

I was cleaning out my pockets and came across another one of my attempts at cartoonery.  I believe it came to me while at work, after reading through the archives of xkcd, hence the quick scribble on a notepad. It wouldn’t get much better if I tried, so I’ll post the first and only draft (including an edit), crumples and all:

Curse Jar-1

I think the curse should stay, don’t you?