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East Coast Literature

Remember that time that I posted about how much I like melancholic maritime fiction?  No, well, I did.  Today Rilla posted this on my Facebook wall.  It is both AWESOME and hilarious, mostly because it’s an incredibly accurate summary of the genre. In other words, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.  Of course, if you’ve never read any of this type of lit, it won’t seem like such a big deal:

Greenwashing, non-socialist talking beasts

Via my friend Chris (no, not you), I introduce my readers to the clever, subtle, hilarious and informative comic art (comart? cart?) of Lunchbreath.  Some samples A couple of links to a couple of samples:

And have a look at the rest of his Infotoons set.


Counterproductive (Curse Jar)

I was cleaning out my pockets and came across another one of my attempts at cartoonery.  I believe it came to me while at work, after reading through the archives of xkcd, hence the quick scribble on a notepad. It wouldn’t get much better if I tried, so I’ll post the first and only draft (including an edit), crumples and all:

Curse Jar-1

I think the curse should stay, don’t you?