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Blogging Anniversary

5 years ago today I started blogging.  It was over at 20six.  My blog still exists there.   (I see the title to the last post on that blog has no less than 3 exclamation marks in it.  For shame!)

I used to think that 5 years was a big deal.  I thought 5 years of tree planting was a big deal, but some of the guys I was a rookie with are still in the tree planting business 8 years after I planted my last tree (for a logging company).  Suddenly my 5 years seem like nothing.

With blogging I can’t catch up and never will.  The bloggers that had been writing for 5 years when I started seemed so impressive then (because they started well before the blogging boom), but now they have now done so for 10 years.  So I’ll always feel behind in terms of milestones.

But those 5 years have been good and I have blogged consistently throughout.  The quality and quantity of my content has ebbed and flowed (I’m currently ebbing, I guess), but I’ve been here consistently.  And there is some degree of satisfaction in that.

What’s next for The Eagle & Child?  I don’t know.  Ironically, just at the time that I’m beginning formal theological studies I feel less inclined to post on theological matters.  Perhaps the realization as I begin my studies that there is so little that I know and so much I can learn has had a subconscious effect on my theological blogging output.  So I don’t know what’s next.

What am I doing to celebrate this milestone?  Nothing.  Well, I may be reinstalling WordPress to facilitate easier upgrading in the future (so my blog might be down for a bit tonight), but that has nothing to do with the anniversary.

Also, we used our fireplace tonight for the first time since we bought the house.  We’ve been paying insurance for a house with a fireplace for a year and a half, but we haven’t used it yet.  I have been trying for a good year to find someone to inspect it, but there’s no one around the city who can do it.  I don’t even need a certified person to check it for insurance or sale purposes–I just want it done for my own piece of mind. But we’re done waiting.  We lit the sucker up tonight.