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Out with the old, in with the new

I’ve had essentially the same pair of glasses for some 12 years or so.  I began with a brown-speckled frame and then when I needed new lenses moved to the same frame in black.  For a while I considered doing the Woody Allen/Bruce Cockburn thing and simply wear the same frames for the rest of my life, but this semester I decided it was time for a change.  The before and after:

Old Glasses New Glasses

^ Old                                                                                ^New

The old glasses were, I now realize, a little too small for my face.  The new frames are bigger and bolder and for the most part I think they work.  I do feel a bit pretentious with the new frames, my leather coat and scarf and my dad’s (now mine) flat cap on.

In other news, my brother’s newfound passion for photography has reinvigorated me and I’ve got my photoblog (Photolicious — permanent link above the banner picture) up and running again.  I’ve also decided to try and take and post 365 pictures in 2010.  Photolicious will include both the 2010 pictures as well as some pictures lifted out of the 8,000-odd unsorted and unprocessed pictures I have sitting on my hard drive.  For just the 2010 photographs, you can follow my Flickr set of the same name.  I don’t want to call it picture-a-day because I’ll likely miss some days and other days take more than one good picture to make up for it.

(4) Light

(8) Shadows