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Let’s have another go…

In about an hour or so Olivia are off to Saskatoon to catch our flight to Kelowna, via Calgary.  Second time in as many months.  This time, however, we plan to explore not only Kelowna airspace, but also plan to land and make our way through the Okanagan Valley via ground transportation and sometimes by foot.

The week will involve:

I leave, as I often manage to do, on the tail end of a long blog discussion, which has left me exhausted, confused (it takes me a while to process all the opinions that get bandied about in these discussions), dealing with some issues of self-doubt, and regretting a little bit that I bring things like that up and then letting myself get caught up in the whole thing.  I think somewhere along the line I start taking these discussions too personally.  I need to learn to be a bit more aloof and distant in these discussions.

But I digress.

It should be a good week.  Olivia is very different now than she was in January.  On that first trip, she was a little angel.  I expect her to be a fidgety little terror this time around.

As usual, I don’t know how much blogging I’ll do while away, but you can always follow me on Twitter (also in my sidebar).  And I believe I’ve got my Twitters updating my Facebook status as well.