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Name that Movie ’08 Super Fantastic Triple-Header

It has been a while since I’ve done a Name that Movie.  More than a year, in fact.  To make up for that, I’m announcing a Name that Movie Super Fantastic Triple-Header!

At 10:30pm Central Standard Time (just over 3 hours from now) I will post three movie quotes.  One Pilcrow will be awarded for each movie correctly guessed (to the first guesser).  In addition, if the first guesser correctly identifies all 3 movies, they will receive a bonus Pilcrow (for a total of 4)!

As always, I expect you to not cheat–no imdb-ing, no Googling, no nothing.  Straight off the top of your head guesses only.

Stay tuned.   10:30pm.  Here.

THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED. I know many of you, numbering in the thousands, I imagine, have been sitting at your computers for a half hour hitting refresh every thirty seconds. This is very important to you, I know. I apologize for my delay. Many of you will miss out because you are now in bed–but no time is good for everyone. Anyway, my Mom called about the time I was meant to post. What’s a guy supposed to do?

Anyway, here we go. No cheating.

Loyal readers and newcomers, name these movies (and be the first):

1. “I was lucky in the order, but I’ve always been lucky when it comes to killin’ folks. “

2. Mom: “Did you win at hockey yesterday?”

Son: “Hockey’s been over for two weeks.”

3. “What business is it of yours, friendo?”


Dan Brown foreshadows…

1. …subtly:

[Kohler said] “One square yard of drag will slow a falling body almost twenty percent.”

Langdon nodded blankly.

He never suspected that later that night, in a country hundreds of miles away, the information would save his life. (Dan Brown, Angels & Demons, p. 29)

I actually laughed out loud after that paragraph.  Also, it reminded me of this:

“‘Little did he know.’ That means there’s something he doesn’t know, which means there’s something you don’t know, did you know that?

POP NAME THAT MOVIE!  I haven’t awarded a Pilcrow in some time.  No cheating.

2.The Da Vinci Code:

“This morning,” Kohler challenged, “when I typed the word ‘Illuminati’ into the computer, it returned thousands of current references.  Apparently a lot of people think this group is still active.”

“Conspiracy buffs,” Langdon replied.  He had always been annoyed by the plethora of conspiracy theories that circulated in modern pop culture.  The media craved apocalyptic headlines… (p. 51)

Cashed in on that one, didn’t ya, Dan?

Also, what kind of brilliant scientist with all sorts of computer technology at his fingertips would refer to a web search as “typing the word into the computer”?  None.  That’s the answer: none brilliant scientists.

Seriously, though, I loved The Da Vinci Code.  One of the few “unputdownable” books I’ve read in my life.  Great fiction.  Dixie tells me Angels & Demons is just as good.