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Tea fail

Well, the No Name tea won’t do.  It’s not that it’s a terrible tea, but there’s something in the blend that stands out too much, leaves an aftertaste (Assam leaves, perhaps?) which I don’t like.  Maybe it’s a bad batch, because I distinctly remember liking the No Name tea I had 10 years ago.  Whatever the case may be, I’ve been drinking less tea lately.

I can tell if a cup of tea will be good even before I taste it by its colour with milk added.  With milk it should have a warm,  golden-brown colour (at least, it does with both Red Rose and Yorkshire tea).  The No Name tea with milk just looks sickly grey.

What am I to do with the 200 or so tea bags remaining?  I’ve started using two bags per cup in an attempt to get some depth of flavour, so that’ll use the tea up faster.  But still…that’s a long time of sub-par tea.  Perhaps a donation is in order—to someone who likes the No Name tea or to a group or individual who won’t care.  Maybe to the church.  Lauralea won’t be around: is there anyone else there with a discerning tea pallette?

I just bought a box of 216 No Name tea bags

Will I regret my decision?  The last time I bought No Name tea was in university a decade ago.  But I’m venturing down that road again to see if tea is one of those products for which brand-name makes a qualitative difference.

To my recollection, my mom would purchase No Name products on a regular basis (I didn’t have a “real” Pop Tart until after I was married*) in order to save money, but she always bought Red Rose tea.  Always.

Tea is a big deal for me, folks, so I could regret this decision for months to come.

This won’t make it better if the tea sucks, but both the No Name tea and the President’s Choice (pseudo-brand-name) new “premium” teas are prepared and packaged by Loblaws.  In fact, the graphic explaining how to make a pot or cup of tea is more or less the same on both packages.  I’m guessing that the PC “premium” tea is a rebranding of the No Name** product (I once heard/read somewhere that PC film is made by Fuji).  Not that that means anything.

And what is “premium” tea anyway, when all tea comes from the same plant?  It’s the blend, I think, which makes the difference.

I’ve removed the bags from the packaging and put them in the unmarked glass containers which previously housed Red Rose tea bags.  Maybe without the visual reminder my brain won’t notice the difference (if indeed there is any).

We shall see.***

*Pilcrow to the first person to tell me what I was thinking after I wrote that sentence.

**It’s obvious, but anyone else enjoy the irony in naming a product “No Name”?

***My apologies, dear friends. I don’t have the time or willpower to write anything of substance these days.