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Open House streaming video

[there used to be an embedded streaming video here]

Well…seems we only get internet through one line in the house. Something to do with a filter. So, 1.5 hours late and a wireless network card later, here we are. Also, the signal in this corner is weak. Signals from other houses in the neighbourhood are actually stronger than mine. Not sure why this is.

Anyway, enjoy.

* * *

OK. We’re having some technical difficulty here. Seems I need to fiddle with my IP settings. It looks complicated. And I’m being anti-social. I’m going to try something else…

* * *

That’s been working for a while now, but my wireless connection in the house is weak. Can I boost that somehow?

Also, our webcam is pretty crappy.

By the way, Everyone In the Prince Albert Area and Beyond, our house is open to one and all. It’s an open house. Stop by. The door will be open until 9 or so (depending how things are going). Stop on by.

* * *

Well, that was fun. Not as many people stopped by as we expected (we have WAY to much left-over baking). There was a “rush” at about 3:00 which waned after an hour, and then only a trickle until near 7 and then things livened up again. Good times.

Then for those of you who were paying attention to the streaming webcam, Dixie and I (and later Thomas) put on a 2-hour acoustic set of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Radiohead, R.E.M., Johnny Cash, The Tragically Hip and Glen Hansard classics, among many others.

And I learned that I need to update my repertoire.

I’ll definitely do a streaming webcam again. Maybe on New Year’s Eve.

Good night