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Christopher Lake


Spent the afternoon on Christopher Lake. Did a little sledding. Tried to teach the kids to skate a bit (first time for Luke). Made a roofless igloo. Played polar bears. Watched some skidooers and dogs. It was a good afternoon. I may post more of the day’s pictures later.

I also intend on still posting about the last days of our 2008 Vandersluys Family Saskatchewan Backroads Tour, which is long overdue.  They were in many respects the best days of the trip.  That series was interrupted by the sudden illness and death of Dixie’s granny.  It didn’t seem right to keep posting about the trip at that point, and then I forgot about it.  (In the meantime, go back and read about Days 1 & 2, Day 3 and Day 4.)

My photoblog has also been on hold since August, which frustrates me.  I haven’t taken many photographs since then.  I hope to find time to update, if only from old material.