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All things go, all things go.

So I’m taking a little trip to Chicago next week for a conference. I can’t remember the nature of the conference–words in the title included “sustainable” and “paradigms”–or maybe it was “matrix”–but I can’t remember the rest.

I’m kidding. It’s “Midwinter”, our denominational annual pastors conference. “Pastor’s conference?” you query. Yes. I know I’m technically not a pastor, but it was felt that it would be good for me to hobnob with those in our conference who are. It should be an interesting and educational week. I dont’t know if I’ll blog at all, but I’ll keep you posted here (also in my sidebar on the right).

I’m arriving in Chicago a day early, so I’m trying to think of where I should go. It’s the 3rd largest city in the U.S.ofA., so I will need to keep my goals reasonable. It dawned on me two days ago that Chicago is the birthplace of The Second City, the launch pad for many of our greatest comedians, including, but not limited to, Fred Willard, Bill Murray, Eugene Levy, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey (the Toronto Second City was home to many, many more). Unfortunately, I arrive to late on Sunday to go to an evening show. So that won’t work. Hopefully I arrive in time to catch the hour long episode of The Office after the Super Bowl.

At this point I plan on going to North Park Seminary on Monday morning for a look-see. After that, who knows. Perhaps Chicago’s Old Town, where The Second City theatre is (as well as the Old Town Ale House, apparently a favourite haunt of Second City actors). And then maybe a stop at either Giordano’s or Gino’s East for some Chicago-style deep-dish pizza (I’ve been thinking about it all week–let’s hope they sell pizza by the slice).

Then Monday night the conference begins.