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Hickory, dickory, dock…

…I killed two mice with the classic Victor mouse trap-ock.

Well, I’ve lost two valuable working evenings cleaning up this shit.  And I mean that literally.

Caught one mouse in the lazy-susan 4 a.m. Sunday morning.  Caught another in our bedroom closet 1 a.m. Monday morning.  On Sunday I set up five traps throughout the trailer and have had them set since, but have only caught the one other mouse.  It *appears* as if the mouse situation isn’t as bad as the amount of poop liberally sprinkled throughout our kitchen implied.

As it is, it appears as if we had a couple of juvenile mice up to no good.

“Hank, I’m bored. Think of something fun to do.”

“Let’s go shit up the Vandertrailer!”


Honestly, within a 24 hour period these two mice (fingers crossed) managed to drop vast numbers of turds IN EVERY SINGLE DRAWER IN THE KITCHEN! I suspect that they had been under the influence of small doses of Warfarin during their hijinx, because there were turds in the following drawers:

  • the cutlery drawer, including a significant deposit in the tray which holds the apple slicer.
  • the baking drawer (spatulas, cookie cutters, measuring spoons, etc.
  • the children’s cutlery and serving cutlery drawer
  • the drawer with Saran wrap, Ziploc bags, tin foil.
  • the drawer with the myriad Tupperware and Rubbermaid trinkets.
  • the towel drawer
  • the drawer with the oven mits
  • the drawer with an expensive tablecloth imported from India among other things.

It was in that last drawer that I found the nest. Thankfully there were no baby mice in there. It was just a mass of hair and bits of Swiffer cloth.  There was also a pile of rice and popcorn kernels in that drawer.  All the contents of that drawer went to the garbage.

Curiously, while there was lots of poop in the lazy-susan (on almost every lid), the mice did not chew through any of the bags of oats, chocolate chips, sugar or flour.  They just pooped everywhere.  (High, I’m telling you!)

There is also poop in the pot-drawer underneath the oven. Nature!

There are a couple of other shelves to look through for further turds, but we’re slowly getting through this.  Last night I emptied our bedroom closet with fear and trembling. There were lots of clothes on the floor–the perfect place for a mouse to settle down and have a family.  But there was nothing in there, nary a turd.  Thank goodness.

I’m just making my way through our pantry.  It’s not as bad as I had expected. We’ll get through this.  I’m just annoyed that this has forced me to compress my homework time so much.  Alas…