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On the Y-word

Just to get it off my chest:

There is great variety in the way people spell the word “Yeah”.  I notice this every time Dixie writes “Ya”, which is what she means for the word I spell “Yeah”.   As I see it, the spelling should be as follows:

Yeah for “Yeah, I know” or “Yeah, that’s right.”

Yea (pronounced “yay”) for “Yea though I walk through the valley death” (in other words, most people shouldn’t be using this word anymore)

Yay for “Yay! I just won the lottery!”  or “Yay! The Captain and Tennille are reuniting!” 

As far as I’m concerned, “Ya” is always an incorrect spelling.  In my mind, it’s pronounced rather like a combination of the first half of “yawp” (or “yop”) and “yap”.  It’s different than “Yeah” and cannot be substituted for it.


Of course, I have begun to recognize in recent years that language is fluid and in many respects is simply what you make it.  But still…here I stand.

What say you?