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In-flight thoughts

There is no wifi signal provided on WestJet flights, so I couldn’t Twitter, but I wrote down some thoughts during the flights to Calgary and Kelowna.  Thought-writing ceased on unexpected same-day flights back to Calgary and Saskatoon:

Some stuff from the wirelessless flights…

Olivia is a good kid.  Happy the whole time so far.  Chewed through her pushpop before takeoff.  Better adjust my timing for the descent.  She’s sitting in her own seat now.  She’s so cute.  And she’s a hit with everyone she meets.

Flight attendant spoke as if she knew Olivia and could tell that she’d grown.

Westjet is awesome.  Just had the best or second best welcome and safety presentation I’ve had on a flight.  The off-duty pilots across the aisle didn’t seem at all impressed.    Maybe this is the talker’s regular schtick and the pilot is sick of it.  Or maybe he just doesn’t have a sense of humour.

The one pilot, incidentally, looks like Starman (from the tv show).  Might request his John Hancock.  And by that I mean his autograph.  Better attend to Olivia.

Satellite tv not working.  Shoot.

Just occurred to me that the pushpops are only for the way down.  Must use sparingly or buy more for return.

What’s the deal with car and women magazines (the guy in front of me has one)?  Why combine the two?  I’m not interested in cars, but would it make sense to have books and women magazines?  I guess they have music and women.  Still weird, if you ask me.

Descending to Calgary.  Ears popping.

(iPod autocorrect almost has me say “ears pooping”.  Wouldn’t that be a disgusting condition?)

Due to delay in Saskatoon there was n0 stopover time in Calgary.  Straight from arrival gate to departure gate.  Made it!

This Westjet crew isn’t nearly as funny.  In fact, there has been nary a hint of humour in this presentation this far.  I bet the French recording is funnier.

Potting Plants and Scantily Clad Women.

I stand corrected.  Announcer is loosening up.  Just made joke about token woman on flight crew.

In-flight Magazine & Chicks

Golf & Hot Girls

See what I mean?  Must work with certain subcultures only.

Olivia has been doing amazingly well but getting restless.  Better pay her more attention.

De-icing.  Weather not super in Kelowna.  “Worst case scenario, we fly back to Calgary.”


De-icing with water seems counterproductive (and counterintuitive) to me.  But I guess it does the trick.

Satellite works in this flight.  Olivia watching Treehouse in her own seat.

I forgot to mention preferred seating (row 1–more room for Olivia’s toy bag) when I checked in.  Both flights in row 19 out of possible 24.  Free seat for Olivia both times, though.  So it turned out fine.

Pilots have the worst timing when it comes to interrupting in-flight television.  Dustin Hoffman was just about to tell Ellen an interesting anecdote about Alan Arkin’s on-stage diarrhea problem.  Now I’ll never know.

Looks like we’ll land in Kelowna after all.

Descending into Kelowna.

Son of a @&$?!  Two approaches, both seemed close, both failed  Heading back to Calgary.  The worst part is Olivia.  It’s past suppertime and all she’s had is crackers, marshmallows and pushpops.  She is not going to be a happy camper.  And it’s going to be a pain in the ass to sort things out with Olivia in tow.

What happens now?  Do we go on standby? Do we get a rescheduled flight?  Son of a gun.

I was so looking forward to this trip.  And I already shaved a day off of it.

Never plan a trip away around important events.


I wish this was an iPhone, so I could easily make calls as soon as we’re on the ground.



I’m going on a little trip with Olivia.  

With my iPod Touch it’s much easier to use Twitter than WordPress (although there is a WordPress App that works quite well).  Because of this, I’ve set things up so that theoretically there will be a “digest” post of the day’s Tweets posted at the end of a given day.  I say “theoretically”, because I have it set to do so at 11:59pm and it should have published a post last night at that time, but it didn’t.  It seems to work for some people, but it is still in testing.

If that doesn’t work, I’ve also got my Tweets feeding to the sidebar to the right.  Or you could follow me at twitter.com/vandersluys.  I hope the digest posts work so that it will be integrated into my RSS feed.

I have mixed feelings about Twitter-to-blog integration (Twitter seems so contrary to the blogging spirit), so this is a test for when I go to Chicago at the beginning of February.  Let me know what you think.

Having said that, I believe I’m inheriting my parents’ old laptop (1st generation XP, I believe) which will hopefully function sufficiently.  If I can get the wireless adapter to work, I may post something substantial.